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''' I wonder where these people go so quickly and tensed up

Even heavy storms and thunderbolts seem calmer to look at

And if you try to hear the sound of every single step

It's like hearing at your thoughts my love, when  they're a tangled mess'' 





TÁLTSIE is an indie-pop-soul singer/songwriter from Cyprus, currently based in London. ''Expressing everything that touches her world of feelings through sound'', is something she always says to describe what she does. A small guitar, a keyboard, some chords and thoughts have been her four little keys for years now.

TÁLTSIE started out with classical violin at the age of 6 and slowly started developing huge interest in mainly singing, contemporary piano compositions and songwriting. Some self- taught chords where the starting point for her first steps into musical and lyrical writing, where she felt at home as soon as she started. TÁLTSIE absorbed a combination of unique sounds and experimented with a variety of music genres and styles like classical music, jazz, folk, mediterranean music, psychedelic and pop. She played at multiple local venues in Cyprus and Berlin, and she was also one of the youngest acts who performed at the Fengaros Festival in 2019

In June 2019, TÁLTSIE recorded her first EP, and is currently releasing and again recording music.


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